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CSUSB Campus Housing and Costs

All exchange students should be aware of the costs involved at CSUSB, including housing and meals. This page provides such information.

Costs at CSUSB

Note that these costs were updated in Fall 2020.
  • CSUSB Costs (One Semester): $9,583 USD
  • CSUSB Costs (Two Semesters): $19,166 USD
Exchange students will be required to scan and upload their bank statement indicating the equivalent of USD $9,583 for one semester or USD $19,166 for two semesters. To see what the cost of living is in San Bernardino, CA, visit this webpage.

Housing at CSUSB

Exchange students will apply for campus housing, which is based on availability. For more information about housing, visit CSUSB housing has many other housing resident services listed on These services include information on Internet/Wi-Fi access, mail services, laundry services, and linens, and décor rental for rooms.

Food and Meal Plans

Depending upon their housing placement, students may be required or wish to purchase a meal plan. For more information about dining plans, visit There are several places to eat food on or close to campus, which is listed here.

Mandatory Health Insurance

Because of the high cost of health care in the United States, the U.S. government requires that all Exchange Visitors and accompanying dependents be covered by adequate health and accident insurance while in this country. Failure to carry adequate insurance may lead to termination of your exchange visitor status. More information is listed on our How to Get a J-1 Student Visa webpage.

Mandatory Orientation

All exchange students will participate in a mandatory orientation that takes place before classes begin. The cost is $70 USD, regardless of the time of attendance (updated in Fall 2020). Please visit for more information.

Other Webpages for Exchange Students

Contact Us

For any questions about being an incoming exchange student at CSUSB, please contact your university exchange office. If you have already been nominated and are applying to CSUSB, you may also email the Education Abroad office at