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Cody Goes Abroad Social Media Contest 

Cody Goes Abroad

Tips for Phone Photography and Videography

Photo Tips

• Use HDR if possible
• Zoom: Do not use Zoom on a phone if possible. Zooming in will reduce the quality of the photo. Walk closer to the image if you need.
• Rule of Thirds
• Activate Grid lines on your phone. Place the subject of the photo (Cody) on any of the grid lines. Placing the subject where two lines intersect is ideal.

Video Tips

• Use 1:1 aspect ratio for videos
• iPhone: Open the photo in your Photos app > Edit > Crop (crop icon with arrows) > Aspect (the stacked square) > Square. Drag the image and/or each corner then tap Done.
• Samsung Android: Open the photo in the gallery > Transform > Ratio > 1:1. Drag the image and/or each corner then tap the tick icon.

Video example eQb2xJMdwMJTY12s6

What should you document?

Cody doing travel activities such as:

• Packing
• Going over travel checklists
• Airport and other modes of transportation
• Dorm room tour, etc.

Campus Life - Distinct icons of the campus you’re visiting such as:

• Signs
• Buildings
• Campus artwork
• Document anything unique to the campus and country

Excursions - On excursions, Cody can go to:
• Festivals
• Museums
• Restaurants unique to your host country
• Street vendors
• Local scenery like shrines, monuments, nature preserves.

Be respectful of local traditions and etiquette. It would be a good idea to read up on local cultural practices before you leave. Cody shouldn’t be placed on top of artwork, sculptures, or monuments that have cultural significance to the local people.

More Details
For more details on the Cody Goes Abroad contest and other tips/tricks visit


Cody Goes Abroad

“Cody Goes Abroad” is an exclusive social media contest for Summer 2024 Education Abroad students to document the adventures of Cody, CSUSB’s lovable mascot, as he experiences different countries and cultures. Contestants can join by taking creative photos or videos of Cody-inspired Education Abroad experiences, using the hashtag #CodyGoesAbroad.

Contest Details:

A total of six “prizes” (see below) will be awarded in the form of program discounts for faculty-led program participants or scholarships for exchange program participants who best capture moments abroad through still photography or short video.

Winners will be selected via a two-step process:

  1. Internal CEGE poll to identify which media to showcase via social media

  2. Social Media poll on Instagram, #codygoesabroad.

Photo Winners

  • 1st Place Photo: $1,000

  • 2nd Place Photo: $750

  • 3rd Place Photo: $500

Video Winners

  • 1st Place Video: $1,000

  • 2nd Place Video: $750

  • 3rd Place Video: $500


  1. Follow @goabroad.csusb and @csusb on Instagram

  2. Obtain a Cody plush toy from the professor/faculty leading your Education Abroad program.

  3. Take as many creative and interesting photos/videos of Cody at different locations during your Education Abroad program

    1. See the provided guide for photo/video tips and tricks.

  4. Send photos/videos to within a week of returning from your Education Abroad program.

    1. Subject: Education Abroad Social Media Contest Content

    2. State your name, phone number (optional), major, country you visited, and any other information you’d like to add about your content.

  5. Photos/Videos will be entered into a CEGE office vote and the top 4 will be polled on our social media Instagram page

  6. One winner will be chosen and contacted via Instagram/email/phone.

    1. Pick-up instructions will be provided once contact with winners has been established.

    2. If there is no response after 3 days, we will allow the runner-up to receive the gift.


  • Must be a degree-seeking CSUSB summer 2024 Education Abroad student.

  • If you want to post your content to your personal social media accounts, please tag the Education Abroad Instagram account (@goabroad.csusb) and CSUSB (@csusb).

  • Use #CodyGoesAbroad


IIE American Passport Project Application is live!


CSUSB has been selected to receive a 2024 IIE American Passport Project grant. This grant enables CSUSB to nominate 25 Pell-eligible students to obtain a U.S. passport thereby clearing an avenue to study abroad.

Please apply via the following form .


CSU Summer Arts

CSU Summer Arts Program Accepting Student Applications

Immersive on-campus arts experiences at Fresno State and abroad offer rare opportunities for students to live and work with some of the best artists in their disciplines.

(March 4, 2024) — The California State University (CSU) is now accepting applications for its 2024 CSU Summer Arts program [], which offers undergraduate, graduate, and advanced practitioners a chance to live and study with world-renowned artists and CSU faculty in the fields of art, creative writing, dance, media, music and theatre.  

The application deadline is April 15 for international courses and May 15 for courses at Fresno State. 

An immersive, multi-disciplinary arts experience, CSU Summer Arts will be held in two sessions at Fresno State: June 24 to July 7 and July 8 to July 21. In addition, three-week international courses will be offered in Italy [] (June 18-July 9), Germany [] (July 14-Aug. 4) and Mexico [] (July 15-Aug. 5).  

“Students tell us that Summer Arts was a truly transformative experience for them; one that expanded their knowledge, skills and appreciation of the arts in a very short period of time," said Ray Smith, CSU Summer Arts director. “Working closely with guest artists in an intensive environment accelerates the creative process, helping students master their craft while fostering lifelong friendships and professional relationships beneficial to their careers."  

CSU Summer Arts offers a wide array of creative learning and mastery opportunities in a close-knit and apprentice-like environment. Through the international courses, painters can master their art in Italy, actors can perfect their craft with renowned artists in Germany, and students can immerse themselves in the rich art, culture and history of Mexico. Courses on the Fresno State campus include process-oriented photography, hip-hop dance, animation production, musical scoring for screen and video games, Chicago-style comedy, and social action writing. 

Students can choose to attend one or both two-week sessions. At the end of the summer, students proudly showcase their artistic talents in free and open-to-the-public events. 

CSU Summer Arts is accepting applications [] now through April 15 for international courses and May 15 for courses at Fresno State. Courses are open to students from community colleges, CSU and UC campuses and private colleges, or members of the community with the desire to master their craft. Students admitted to the program can earn up to six units of transferrable credit. Scholarships [] are available with a deadline of April 15 for priority consideration.  




IIE Passport Information

Why wait! Check your passports today so you can travel abroad! Scan the QR code or use this link: 🌏🛩ī¸đŸ“š

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