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Faculty-led Program Proposal Process & Application

Faculty Lead
CSUSB faculty-led programs are the cornerstone of our Education Abroad opportunities. All faculty and staff who wish to lead a program abroad are required to submit a thoughtfully-designed proposal for review and approval.



Applications are now open for all faculty-led education abroad programs in Summer 2023. Faculty and staff interested in leading programs abroad may submit their proposals via an online application process through the CSUSB Education Abroad website.

The CSUSB Office of Education Abroad provides administrative and logistical support and will support the development of your program.

The Center for Global Management (CGM) office will provide additional support to faculty in the Jack H. Brown College of Business.


Expected Timeline for Application and Approval

  • March: Application opens; faculty and staff begin creating proposals on Terra Dotta (this website).
  • September 10: Faculty and staff submit all proposals.
  • October 01: Proposals are reviewed and approved by university administrators; during this time, details (e.g., itineraries, third-party provider information, and budgets) may need to be confirmed with program leaders. 
  • November - December: Contracts/memoranda and budgets are finalized. 
  • January: Education Abroad Office staff work to prepare marketing materials, then share these with program leaders for recruitment throughout the application period. 
  • March: Application deadline.
  • Faculty and staff promote their programs during International Education Week (every November), through the Spring Education Abroad Expo, and via info sessions.  


If you have any questions or concerns about your proposal, email the Office of Education Abroad at

If you are a faculty member with the Center for Global Management (CGM), you may also contact with specific questions about budgets, third-party providers, and/or marketing.