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Types of Programs

Education Abroad

At CSUSB, you may choose to go abroad or away for a summer, semester or full year, participating in a credit-bearing program (faculty-led or exchange) or a non-credit experience such as volunteering or interning. You must register with the CSUSB Office of Education Abroad to participate in any of these opportunities; some programs require two applications. Click here for credit-bearing programs, non-credit programs, studying away in the U.S., or virtual internships. Make an education abroad advising appointment to talk about these programs.

Credit-Bearing Programs

For credit, you can go on these 4 types of programs:
  1. CSUSB Faculty-Led Programs: You study with a group of CSUSB students, led by faculty, for 1-4 weeks. Most of these programs depart in January, May, June, or July. As a student, you would enroll in one or more CSUSB classes, and do not need to transfer your credits. Some of these programs are considered service-learning. Search for faculty-led programs here.
  2. CSUSB Student Exchange Programs: As an exchange student, you would study full-time at one of our partner universities, and in return one of their students studies at CSUSB. You study abroad on your own or with a friend for a summer term, winter term, semester, or year. You would enroll full-time, then transfer your credits to CSUSB. Search for student exchange programs here.
  3. California State University International Programs (CSUIP): As a CSUIP student, you would study full-time (typically, 5 classes per semester) at one of CSU's partner universities. You study abroad with other CSU students for one year (two semesters). You would enroll full-time, then transfer your credits to CSUSB. Search for CSUIP programs here.
  4. Third-Party Provider Programs: If none of the three programs above fit your study needs, you can study for as short as a week or as long as a year with an international educational organization (i.e., "third-party provider"). These providers offer classes and locations that CSUSB and CSUIP do not offer. You would enroll in a provider program, then transfer your credits to CSUSB. Apply for third-party provider programs here. We will list our provider information soon.

Non-Credit Programs

Not all programs abroad are offered for credit. You can also go abroad on these 3 types of programs:
  1. CSUSB Experiential Programs: You go abroad on a short-term program with a group of CSUSB students, led by faculty or staff, for 1-4 weeks. You may not take classes but experience and reflect on different aspects of your host country. Examples include: traveling for an international conference, competing in a sports competition abroad, conducting field work in another country, performing artistically abroad, and more. This may also be considered a service-learning program (e.g., the programs offered with the Office of Community Engagement and Student Recreation and Wellness Center).
  2. Third-Party Provider Internship and Volunteer Programs: You volunteer or intern by yourself or with a friend for as short as a week or as long as a year with a third-party provider. As an intern abroad, you pay for housing (and sometimes food). However, virtual internships are also available. These programs are not offered for credit, but many CSUSB departments are open to providing credit for internships. Some third-party internship providers include CAPA, The Intern Group, and Intern Abroad HQ. As a volunteer, you will pay for housing and food, but you will not receive academic credit. You can search for programs in Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Peru offered by our third-party provider partner, Maximo Nivel.
  3. Working Abroad: There are many opportunities to work, including teaching, in multiple countries. Many of these programs require a completed bachelor's degree. For more information, please make an appointment with or email

Study Away in the U.S.

Not all programs require international travel. Here are a few third-party provider programs you can study, volunteer, or intern in within the U.S.: And more! Note that if you have travel restrictions, you may consult an immigration lawyer to review these programs.

Virtual Internships and Study Abroad

Finally, not all programs require you to even leave California! We will soon list a few third-party provider programs you can intern or study abroad.

Searching for Programs

You can browse programs in detail on this website. Please select "Search Programs" on the top left menu. To apply for a particular program, be sure to select "Apply Now" on the program's page. You can also learn about how to apply here.

Contact Us

For any questions about these programs, please email the Education Abroad office at You can also make an advising appointment here.